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(Agave Angustifolia)

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100% AGAVE

Made from 100% agave, each small batch of mezcal is handcrafted with a sustainable approach that is deeply in tune with the rhythm of nature. The Espadín Agave grows for 8 years before harvesting begins. A subtly sweet and herbaceous mezcal, well-balanced with hints of apple, ripe fruits, and a mild smoky layer to finish. The award-winning Lost Explorer Mezcal Espadín comes in beautiful hand-labeled bottles made from recycled crystal, sealed with a kiss of biodegradable natural beeswax.

Origin San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxca

Distillation Double

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  • 8 Years (Agave Age)
  • Aroma

    Fresh herbs with hints of wood from the fire pit

  • Taste

    Chopped agave, mesquite, sweet red apple and ripe fruits

  • Finish

    Smooth and fruity, with a slight smoked wood finish on the palate

Espadín is the most commonly sourced agave varietal for mezcal. Its sky-reaching sword-like leaves protect the piña. Typically, an Espadín agave will take 5-8 years to reach maturity, though we like to leave ours alone for 8. The extra time is well savored.