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(Agave Convallis)

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100% AGAVE

Jabalí is a rare, wild–harvested agave we selected for this unique small–batch mezcal. Considered by many to be the most exotic of all mezcals, our Jabali Limited Edition has a truly exceptional taste.

Origin San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca

Distillation Triple

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  • 10 Years (Agave Age)
  • Aroma

    Mint, coriander and black pepper

  • Taste

    Roasted agave, pink peppercorn and wet clay

  • Finish

    Mild layer of smoke and citrus peels

“With this limited edition Jabalí varietal, I wanted to create something truly unique and different, and decided on a Triple Distillation that takes the taste experience of this exotic mezcal to the next level.”

MTRO. Mezcalero Fortino Ramos

Smooth. Complex. Earthy.