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The Wild Collection with Copitas Gift

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For a limited time only … Your purchase includes a set of 3 The Lost Explorer Copitas! $20 of your order will be donated to the Voice for Nature Foundation.

Made from 100% agave, each small batch of mezcal is handcrafted with a sustainable approach that is deeply in tune with the rhythm of nature. Our duo of wild varietals embodies what we love most about mezcal: the time and extra effort it takes to cultivate and harvest these more difficult-to-access agaves that take a few years longer to mature. 

Tobalá comes from the agave also known as the ”Explorer Agave”: it is a wild agave that grows in arid, shaded, high-altitude canyons. It’s much smaller than its more common kin, extremely rare to find, and needs to grow for 10 years before reaching maturity. 

The Salmiana, on the other hand, is massive in stature. This wild agave species is foraged from its preferred high-altitude, adventurous terroir. These agaves are left to grow for 12 years before harvesting begins.

In stock